How to Choose Bookmaker

We all have different needs and preferences, so no one bookmaker dominates the rest. Most important is to understand what you need, and then assess which bookmaker meets your requirements the best.

Create  list of reputable bookmakers

There are too many operations online, but you only want to spend time reviewing services that are first and foremost secure, reliable and trustworthy. If you are located in EU you will likely narrow your search down to major services that offer euro accounts. Narrowing your search down to these agencies will immediately save you time, and enable you to focus on features, rather than reliability.

Make sure what features are important to you

Every punter’s needs are different. A bookmaker that suits one punter may be completely inappropriate for another.

Before viewing each potential bookmaker, make a list of what you’re looking for. Below are some good questions to ask yourself.

  • Which sports do I primarily intend to bet on?
  • What types of wagers do I plan on making?
  • What minimum bet level would be ideal?
  • What deposit and withdrawal options would I prefer to use?
  • Is the bookmaker licenced in your country?

Evaluate each bookmaker

Visit each bookmaker’s website while keeping in mind your list of considerations. Many bookmakers enable you to add bets to your slip without logging in. Add a few bets to your slip and see if you like the navigation menu and interface. Is the site intuitive and easy to use? Look through the sports you would like to bet on.

 Third party reviews

If you’ve narrowed down your short list to more than one bookmaker, consider reading third party reviews to gauge the perception of others. They may be able to point out upsides and shortcomings that you hadn’t considered. There are plenty of good review sites you can find from google.

 Ask questions if in doubt

If you’re still unsure, ask the bookmaker support staff a few questions. Many services offer live online support so you should be able to get answers quickly. Some services offer terrible support, so you’re experience here could be a deal breaker for a particular bookmaker.


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